This week, I talk about how to manage your emotions during times of violence and unrest in the world with your need to grow your business.

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Hello, and welcome to the Grow your Side Hustle Podcast, the podcast for entrepreneurs who want to grow a side hustle into their main income source or a second stream of income. I’m your host, Jennifer Roland Cadiente. And today we are talking about dealing with the heaviness in the world. Right now, a lot of us are struggling to focus on our day jobs and our side hustles because of the conflict right now in the Middle East. And if that is you, you know, if you’re feeling that way yourself, it’s okay. It’s, you know, when things like this are happening in the world, it can be really challenging to think that the things that we’re doing in our day to day lives actually matter. But when we are trying to support our families, they do actually matter because we need to be bringing an income to pay for the things that we need and want in our lives. So my advice is to try to find a way to balance your emotions against the things you need to do. For me, one of the most important things is to keep the news off. You know, I give myself some time to check in on new sources, and social media every day. But other than that, it’s just too much, you know, getting a constant stream of information about the horrors that are happening in the world does not bring the energy. And so I protect myself from that. That doesn’t mean that you know, that I’m ignoring the situation, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings about the situation. And I know that I am in a very privileged privileged place to be able to not engage with all of the all of the things that are happening all the time. You know, obviously people who are living that in that region do not have that privilege, they have to live that 24/7. And those of us who have family, and friends who live in that region are also less able to disconnect.

But, you know, for me, unless I were to be able to have the time to just, you know, take off and do something about the situation, then I think that, you know, I could I could disengage from my day job and my side hustle, and, you know, put my energy there. But, you know, we, our lives are still going on as well. So we do still have to keep doing the things that bring money in and doing the things that keep our family functioning, you know, we I know many of us, many of you listening are are women and in many of your families, you are still the one who is doing the primary caregiving, the you know, making sure people eat, making sure that we have food to cook, making sure that things are clean. And those are all things that have to continue to be done. On top of our other, you know, work and financial responsibilities. So if you have the opportunity to, you know, to step back a little bit, if you have someone else on your team who can be providing some of the, you know, the day to day work and is able to emotionally and you know, physically then you know see if they can help you out and you can step back a little bit if you don’t have that option, if you don’t have a you know, a team supporting you right now, then, you know, turning off the news is going to be a huge help. giving yourself the time to engage, though with the news and with the information that is being posted, is going to be important. Because like I said, you know, we don’t, we can’t hide from this, we, we are privileged in that it is not a fact, you know, we’re not living in a warzone, most of us, but it’s still important for us to be a witness to, you know, what is happening, and who is helping, providing support to those who are helping, you know, if you’re able to donate to an organization that is in there giving humanitarian aid, that can help, you know, bring your emotions back, so that you’ve done something, you’ve done the thing that you can do. So now you can go back to doing the things that you need to do in your, in your daily life. Picking the, the sources that work for you, to engage with the information that’s coming out of there. I personally choose to avoid the things that are more sensational, as much as I can, obviously, you know, it comes up in your social media feeds that comes up, you know, on TV, when you’re doing something where you’re not expecting that information. So it’s, it’s hard to really, you know, 100%, block those things out. But you know, choosing a new source that is more, you know, steady, more stable. There’s a lot of work to verify information before posting it, that can help relieve some of the tension and the heaviness that you’re feeling, because you’re not getting that that adrenaline charge of, you know, seeing pictures that are very upsetting, or a breathing information that is very upsetting and may not even be true. You know, there’s a lot of misinformation. That happens because we try to be very fast in providing news coverage. You know, since media became more of a profit center for companies than a public service, everyone, I mean, everyone has always tried to be first, you always want to be the first to get the right information. But it seems like that really intensified when it was not only trying to be the best, but it was trying to make the most money, get the most eyeballs on your content. And that that can lead to, you know, giving us inaccurate ideas. hitting our adrenaline centers too much with things that are not real. You know, if you know of organizations who are doing charity drives in your area, things like that, that are not just giving money, that can also be a really good way for you to feel like you’re doing something and, you know, helping in the way that you can, I feel like a lot of times the heaviness that we feel is a lot of times the heaviness that we feel is a combination of, you know, seeing everything that’s going on and feeling powerless to do anything about it. So if you can find ways to have some power and some control and some ability to help, that should help relieve some of the heaviness. I think if you know if you need extra time to do things, you need extra space, ask for it. Especially you know, if you you know if you know people who are in that area of the world who are possibly being affected. I think everyone that works with you, as clients as you know, co workers, teammates, they’ll understand that this is a time when you have big feelings and you need to address those feelings and work that may not be the most important thing in your life right now and that’s okay. And the final thing is just to remember that it’s okay. It’s okay to feel the way that you’re feeling about what is going on right now. It would be I think it’s disconcerting if you didn’t have big emotions. Right now. You know, seeing and hearing the stories that that we’re seeing and hearing. So give yourself grace. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and know that it’s okay. And the helpers are they’re doing the best they can do. And hopefully things will sees that hopefully there will be a ceasefire, hopefully, you know, people will no longer be hurt physically and emotionally. And, you know, and we can not maybe go back to, you know, our regular routine, but maybe move past this, get into the new routine that’s going to work for us going forward. And until, till things do calm down. I wish you peace, and happiness and love.

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