This week, we’ve got a short and sweet episode about how to manage the holidays with your business, whether it’s taking time off, buckling down to get projects finished, or using extra time to manage your business. Listen now:

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Hello, and welcome to season two, Episode Nine of the Grow your side hustle Podcast, the podcast to help women grow the business of their dreams, whether they want to run it as a side hustle forever, or build it into their main hustle so they can control their time with their families, and control their money.

I’m your host, Jennifer Roland Cadiente. And today I want to talk about the holidays.

It can be a time that it makes it really, really hard to focus on any work, whether it’s at your day job or on your side hustle. So it’s good to come up with some strategies to help you get through. So first is think about how much you really need to do during the holiday season. You know, if you are making and shipping products to people that they’re going to need in time for the holidays, then you are probably super busy right now. And probably will be until you know those shipping deadlines hit.

But you will, you may have, you know, say the last thing that you ship out is on the 22nd to get there in time for Christmas, overnight shipping.

Then after that maybe you can take a break, you can be like an accountant after tax day and just be gone from from visibility.

Or you may be in a situation where you’re providing services. And a lot of the people that you provide those services for are just not around for the holidays. So you could use that time to just relax, hang out with family.

Do all the fun things that we like to do for the holidays. I know that you know by the time Christmas hits, other holidays are over. You know if people have spent time celebrating Hanukkah that has already happened once we get to Christmas, but going on right now.

You know, while you’re while you’re hearing this episode.

So I do

know that I’m being a little bit exclusionary on that. But even if you’re not celebrating the Christmas holiday, it still affects your business. You know, because like I said, a lot of people might be out. If you’re a product based business, you are busting your hump to try to get those products taken care of before the holidays for the people that are celebrating Christmas.

And then of course New Year’s comes up and it’s you know, that’s completely nondenominational and can be a holiday that that we all celebrate and have fun with.

So it is you know, you do need to plan ahead for this time, even if it’s not your personal family holiday.

So some people you know, you may choose to take time off, if you find that you don’t have a lot to do,

you know, just just sit back, relax. But you may also find that if your clients or customers are not wanting a lot from you, it could be time to catch up on some of those things that you’ve been putting off those, you know, those SEO tasks that we talked about earlier, planning some marketing for the new year, updating things on your website, or on your social media, the things that you know you should be doing, but you just haven’t been able to fit in.

And if you want to start thinking about new things that you want to offer in the new year, you know this can be a really fun time.

Another thing that you might want to spend some time on over the holidays, if you haven’t already is your planning for next year. You know, look at what you’ve made this year.

what your goals are and what your timeline is. You know if you are hoping to turn this side hustle into your main hustle is next year, the year you want to make that happen.

And I know you know there’s one school of thought that

mid to late December is much too late to be planning your goals.

calls for the next year.

And sure, maybe yesterday would have been the better day a month ago would have been the better time.

But if you haven’t done it yet,

or you haven’t finished, then the best time is now. So, you know, put your time in, and take care of it now. And think about not only what you want to achieve, but what you need to put into place to achieve those goals in the next year.

You know, if you want to hit a certain income goal,

what do you need to change to make that happen?

Do you need to add more hours to what you’re doing? Do you need to raise your prices? Do you need to do something else differently, get more help? Is this a time where you need to start doing more outsourcing of some of the tasks or you know, depending on what your family situation is maybe getting other members or your family to help out a little bit more. And just think about the tools that you need to achieve your goals, not just what you want your goals to be. Because it’s going to be really hard to achieve your goals if you don’t have the support that you need.

As you’re as you’re going after those goals. Also take some time to reflect on what you’ve succeeded at this year. You know, a lot of times we do spend our time thinking, oh, you know, I didn’t hit this income goal or things would be so much better if I hit that goal. But you probably have done some pretty good, good things this year,

maybe making more than you were maybe doing things differently in a way that works better. So spend a little time just reflecting back and seeing what has been successful.

Where you could do things a little bit differently to be more successful, and celebrate your successes.

Just you know, take a minute to to enjoy the things that you’ve achieved. Building a side hustle is, it’s hard.

And we don’t always because we’re so pressed for time, we don’t always take the time to celebrate what we’ve achieved. So please do that. For my holidays, I will not be doing meetings, or anything like that. But I will be doing some of those SEO tasks doing, you know, finishing up some of my planning and spending a little bit more time

with family. But we have you know, we actually had a lot of family in town for Thanksgiving. So you know, that was our big, big family thing. But you know, we’ll be cooking we’ll have be having some, you know, some fun Christmas dinner and planning for the new year.

And stay tuned in the next couple of weeks because we’ve got some really exciting things coming some courses, some more coaching options. So just I look forward to hearing what you think of the things that we’re bringing out.

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